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The Importance of Sleep

on July 18, 2012

My home is in Denver, but my husband’s job has us living in Calgary for a couple months over the summer. Instead of moving all of our stuff up here, we decided to rent a furnished apartment. So far its been pretty cozy…except for the bed! It (for lack of a better word) sucks! Its lumpy, way too soft, and provides little to no support for my hips and neck.  The very first night I noticed lower back & neck pain, tossing around, and I woke up feeling exhausted. On top of that, it doesn’t get dark here until well after 10pm so its a struggle to wind down in the evenings when its still pretty bright out. I figured it just needed some time to get used to.

Now that we’ve been here for a little over a month, I’m no more used to it than that first night. In fact, the pain has gotten worse and I’ve noticed some serious changes in mood, energy, eating habits, exercize routine, and overall health. I guess I’ve always known that it was important, but experiencing a lack of sleep first hand (along with poor quality) has really driven the point home for me. Although the mattress plays a big part in this, I’ve got to find a way to make it through the next 5 weeks. At this point, I’m ready to try sleeping on the floor just to give myself some relief!

Here are some things I’m going to try this week:

1. Create a bed time routine to kick start “sleep mode”…and stick to it

2. Turn off the t.v. and read a book or meditate instead

3. Sip some herbal tea to wind down

4. Try to stick to a reasonable sleep schedule on the weekends (this always throws me off)

5.  Settle into a hot bath or shower with a few drops of lavender essential oil

6. Put on some soothing music, prefereably instrumental

7. Make my own “sunset” by closing up the shades an hour before bedtime

I really hope this helps! Not getting enough sleep is really taking its toll on me.


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