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Some thoughts

I’ve been in a bit of a funk for the last week.  It started last Friday when I woke up and learned about the theater shootings in my hometown…just a few miles away from where I live.  I didn’t know anyone who was there, but still find myself struggling to cope with the empathy and sadness.

I  consider myself an optimist. I have a great faith in humanity, give people the benefit of the doubt, and believe to my core that we are all inherently good people. Which is why when bad things happen in the world, I feel completely blindsided by my own naivete.  I’m not sure I’ll ever fully understand tragedy, who really does?


Sadness is the rock of loneliness that strikes the heart with icy pangs of cold, unyielding earth.

Pain is merely our cleansing of this uniquely human burden,

Known only to those who shine their colors in the bleakest of nights.
It’s in these moments that I look through the fog,
Seeking morsels of light just as the ivy ceaselessly reaches for life in the dim of the forest.
Still, a rhythm of love beats in my heart,
Sunshine through hope fades the harrowing dark.
Laura M.
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River Poem

The river runs in harmony, the way it ebbs and flows;

Trickling quite peacefully, with intention no one knows.

Rocks and stones, stand like thrones, that’s what people say;

But water knows no obstacles, standing in its way.

I walk along the river, humming gentle songs;

Echoing serenity, it dances right along.

Although its grace is fleeting, an ever moving pace;

I relish in its purity, as delicate as lace.

-Laura Montgomery

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